Saturday, 11 May 2013

Manny's Many Twitter Accounts [Update 13]

We recently outed the serial abuser, loon, attention-seeking spammer and Internet troll, Manuel "Manny" de Dios Agosto, the emotionally immature failed wannabee Catholic priest from the Bronx who several of us have known for several months to be behind the Twitter account @Sacerdotus. The evidence can be seen here.

It is also very apparent, and has been for many months, that Manuel's method of abuse and harassment involves using multiple Twitter accounts. This blog will serve as a register for all Manuel's known accounts, so people who wish to ignore his incessant attention-seeking, infantile spam, cyber-bullying and harassment, know which accounts to ignore or block altogether. If Manuel's behaviour again descends to the depths he reached in the summer of 2012, when all his accounts had to be taken down by Twitter Support pending his undertaking to behave in future, this list can serve to support any official complaints against him.

Please feel free to register any new accounts in the comment section below, together with supporting evidence, and I will add them to the main blog. The usual signs that they are Manuel's accounts includes:
  • Repetitively re-tweeting tweets from his other accounts.
  • Promoting Manuel's blogs.
  • Challenging people to a debate about Christianity then ignoring questions or becoming abusive when asked to clarify a point or substantiate a claim.
  • Constant claims that people won't debate him or are afraid of him.
  • Abusing the people Manuel normally abuses or agreeing with Manuel's abusive tweets.
  • Having several of Manuel's accounts in the follower and following lists.
  • Sharing Manuel's obsessions.
  • Accounts impersonating people who Manuel is currently abusing, stalking or otherwise showing an obsessive interest in.
  • Abusive accounts by people purporting to be devout Catholics, showing an obsessive fascination with the trappings of Catholic priesthood and variations on the 'Sacerdotus/Sacerdotvs/curatus/curatvs' theme.
  • Replies from Manuel with one account to tweets sent to a different one. Running many accounts obviously gets confusing

@SacerdotusManuel's main account in which he pretends his name is Michael. Now permanently suspended.
@SACERD0TUSThe account Manuel uses to get around being blocked, apparently believing that no one will notice the all caps to disguise the fact that he has replaces the letter 'o' with a zero. Account now seems to have been deleted. August 2013
@SacerdotvsUsed by Manuel to get round blocks. Remains suspended.
@SacerdotusBlogsAccount set up when all Manuel's other accounts were suspended. Immediately commenced abusing those whom Manuel had been harassing prior to suspension. Also suspended a few hours after creation. Appears to have been deleted altogether.
@RosaRublcondiorAn impersonation account Manuel was using to post gratuitously offensive obscenities until all his accounts were suspended by Twitter. Then used by him to support a petition to get me banned. Substitution of 'i' for 'l'. Remains suspended.
@RationallyFaithThinly disguised account normally used by Manuel to agree with himself and to abuse those who disagree with him. Now suspended
@Bronxbomber777Used by Manuel to post threats of violence, often sexually explicit, especially to females. Remains suspended.
@YearOfFaith2012Plagiarised by Manuel from an official Catholic account, presumably in an attempt to give it credence. Used for the usual abuse and to make it look like people agree with him. Now suspended
@NYCLATINO2011Used by Manuel to pose as a gay male prostitute to contact gays prior to spamming them with homophobic abuse. Has been known to post pornography visible to minors. Account appears to have been deleted very recently. Was active earlier on day of writing. (28 May 2013) Now active again and being used by Manny to compliment himself and tell others how brilliant he is. [Update 26 Jul 2013 now deleted or made inactive again]
@NYCLATINO2012Ditto. Now also deleted or made inactive (26 Jul 2013)
@jaxz0hnpAn impersonation account used to abuse and harass user @jaxzohnp. Simple substitution of 'o' with zero again. Remains suspended.
@StJohnSmithUsed for same function as @RationallyFaith. Still active but all tweets and following appear to have been deleted.
@Catholic_BlogYet another account used by Manuel to promote his blog, post abuse at those who disagree with him and agree with himself because very few real people ever do.
Now suspended.
822451ac-f4aa-11e2-802e-000bcdcb5194This AOL Opaque OpenID account is used by Manuel to spam blogs requiring a registered account to post comments. The purpose of this form of OpenID appears to be to facilitate anonymous abuse and spam on blogs. He assumes people won't know it's him being his usual obnoxious and infantile self - rather like a child who thinks you can't see him when he puts his hands over his eyes. The clue of course is that he invariably agrees with and supports himself - a thing which no sane person would do - and his posts resemble those of a 8 year-old in terms of emotional maturity.
@NYCLATINO2013Used by Manuel for self-congratulation and to pose as a male prostitute for the same purposes as @NYCLAINO2012, @NYCLATINO2011, etc were. Having identified gays to spam with homophobic abuse and hate he seems to delete these accounts and create new ones. Now suspended
@TylerNullUsed by Manuel to promote his YouTube efforts because no one else does.

Account now deleted.
@PeregrinusmmviiAnother new account which began attacking Manuel's favourite obsessions and hate figures soon after the above account picked up its first warning, which came soon after it took up where Manuel left off, soon after @Sacerdotus was warned again.
Now permanently suspended.
@RosaIsSuspendedThe account Manuel now uses to post automated infantile abuse.
Now suspended.
@SacerSpendedNow all Manuel's usual accounts have been permanently suspended he is trying a new trick. He uses this account to pretend to be pleased Manny has been suspended and claims to have found who the 'real' @Sacerdotus is. Of course, it isn't the expelled seminarian Manuel de Dios Agosto but some other innocent person whom Manuel claims he found using links I provided on the blog where we exposed him. Needless to say, these links don't exist. The laugh is that this account was only created a couple of days ago and immediately followed me claiming to know all about @Sacerdotus and his lies, yet appears not to know what his other account is or why he should be interested in Manuel. What he doesn't seem to grasp is that he's simply confirming yet again that he is indeed Manuel de Dios Agosto, expelled seminarian, otherwise why would he be so implausibly pretending @Sacerdotus is someone else?

I wonder if anyone can guess why Manuel is so desperate to want people not to know his real identity, and the reason he was expelled from St Joseph's Seminary, New York.

[update 19 November 2013]
Just when you thought Manuel couldn't get any more stupid, the idiot is now using this account to claim he's me!

Now suspended.
@Blog_CatholicManuel is back with a new account cleverly disguised so no one will think its his by creaftily turning round the name of one he used when he was suspended once before - @Catholic_Blog. I bet that has people fooled, eh, Manuel?

Now suspended.
@SacerdotusLivesAnd another new account so he can continue his obsessive attention-seeking and abuse. Bizarrely he implies in this one's bio that Twitter have given him this temporary account while his 'contacts' in Twitter sort out the mistake they made when they wrongly suspended all his others. I wonder if his contacts in Twitter are any more real than his vast army of contacts who are supposedly watching my every move and sending him information on my criminal/terrorist activities which he claims to be including in the regular reports about me he sends to 'The UK Authorities'

Any bets on how long this one will last?

Suspended 29 November 2013.
@SCDTVSAfter 4 months enforced absence, Manuel is now up and runnign again, and already posting abuse with a brand new account brilliantly disguised by removing a few letters, posting exactly the same stuff and resuming obsessive abuse of his usual victims. Can't accuse Manuel of being anything other than a traditionalist.

Account now appears to have been deleted and recreated as a holding account with no followers and no profile.

Now suspended.
@Atheist707Apparently he's been stung by everyone spotting him within a few minutes of starting up again despite his brilliantly disguised account, so he's now come up with another ploy. Now he's pretending to be an Atheist who just happens to mention Sacerdotus, his blog and his @SCDTVS Twitter account in every tweet. It's the same ploy he tried with his @SacerSpended account last November. He's soon abusing all his usual favourites too.

And now he's even claiming that other people are him too!

You might as well quote the above complaint reference when you have cause to report him for abuse. I'll register this new one against it with Twitter.

Now appears to have been deleted. He has apparently panicked after being threatened with legal action for posting a defamatory tweet depicting a minor without permission and claiming another Twitter user is abusing the child.

See next entry.
@StudiousAtheistHaving failed to get away with his idiotic attempt to pretend to be an Atheist with some secret knowledge he was never quite able to explain that he isn't really Manuel de Dios Agosto but me and another Twitter user are ... look! This is Manuel's world we are in, where nothing makes any sense except to Manny and the walls of his bedroom in his mum's apartment just round the corner from the zoo, so bear with me, okay?... Manny has now had the brilliant idea of creating an identical account with a different name. He has already started abusing all his usual obsessive target of course.

No one will ever guess so don't tell Manny we all know, okay!

[Update] Manuel is now using this account to abuse a Catholic priest from Suffolk, UK by posting his contact details on Twitter and claiming he is demented and responsible for his embarrassingly bad blog on which he used to alternate between posting psychotic lies and begging for money, for no other reason apparently than his email address includes the name 'sacerdotus' (i.e. priest). And you thought Manuel couldn't find new depths to plumb!

Now permanently suspended.
@CatholicGadflyThe account Manuel has replaced @SCDTVS with, having been exposed as Manny within minutes of creating it and recommencing his habitual abuse. Presumably, he imagines this will preclude his account being suspended.

With this account he's now posing as a Jeff T. Follon MA, who, as a quick Google search will show, appears to have sprung fully formed into existence, complete with a Mannyesque 'degree', last July. I expect everyone will fall for that, eh Manuel?

Has now inserted an underscore in the username to try to hide his abuse following a warning from Twitter about his abusive behaviour. (@Catholic_Gadfly). He appears not to realise this doesn't work despite having been shown you can't hide your history when he tried it by changing @SCDTVS to @CatholicGadfly.
@Sacerdotus RadioUsed by Manuel to post links to his podcasts where he tells lies, usually to himself, presumably hoping to convince himself that they are right. Usual infantile blather only spoken instead of typed out. Cunningly disguised again presumably in the hope it'll fool Twitter long enough for him to fool a simpleton or two that he's not really the expelled seminarian, Manuel de Dios Agosto, or Mad Manny from Bronx.

Now permanently suspended.
@RosaRubicondlorDon't worry Manuel. Your followers are far too stupid to notice you've cleverly substituted an 'l' for an 'i' like you did with your @RosaRublcondior account with which you used to tweet sexually explicit obscenities pretending to be me. Do you think they'll fall for your latest insane attempt to prove you're not the expelled seminarian by posting links to one of your accounts which you made in a poor copy of my blog and in which you are posting your normal lies? The give away is the insane gibberish you post in it. It has your emotionally retarded signature.

Now permanently suspended.
@RationalFaith1Manny has resurrected this old name for a new account specially to promote a new blog where he can debate with himself in different guises. He's understandably sensitive to being mocked for repeatedly challenging people to debate him then crying foul when they call his bluff, so in his new blog he can hold pretend debates with himself to 'prove' he isn't really afraid. Watch him feed himself idiotic points to knock back and convince himself with the brilliance of his arguments. I guess he's flunked his basic philosophy course at Leahman Community College already - I do hope he wasn't expelled again because of his old problem - and now has a lot of spare time on his hands once more.

Now permanently suspended.
@CatholicgadflyCreated when Manny inserted an underscore in his @Catholic_Gadfly account to try to hide his continued abuse and harassment after being warned by Twitter and promising to desist in future. The only reason can have been to try to confuse Twitter Support.

Suspended almost immediately.
@SacerdotusHgoutUsed to advertise Manuel's little group on Google+ where he can post lies without getting suspended by Twitter. However, G+ also take a dim view of their services being use for targeted abuse and harassment and are quick to delete offending accounts.

Now permanently suspended.
@CatholicGadfIyIn what can only be another attempt to confuse Twitter Support, Manny has again changed the username of this account. The underscore has now been removed and the penultimate character has been changed from lower case 'L' to upper case 'i'. Manny seems to believe this will confuse Twitter support who will think his @Catholic_Gadfly account has been deleted so he can continue his campaign of abuse and harassment despite his recent suspension and promise to behave.

12-Jan 2015 - Now suspended.

16-Jan 2015 Inexplicably, in the last two days, Twitter have un-suspended this account, told me they can't find it, that it isn't posting abuse and that it has been suspended while it is still active and Manny is repeating the tweets Twitter originally said they warned him about. Watch this space. Maybe Twitter support will sort themselves out.

17-Jan 2015. Now permanently suspended.

No doubt there are other accounts owned by Manuel de Dios Agosto. They will be added as and when they are identified.

This site details how to go about dealing with abusive behaviour on Twitter. Twitter Support should already have records of Manuel's previous form in this regard.

In addition to using these accounts Manuel has recently begun spamming blogs with impersonation comments using a simple method to fake a username and disguise it as a Twitter account. The technique can be read about here. The clue is to check the URL beneath the name. If it is a Twitter domain URL it can ONLY have been entered manually as described in the preceding link. There is no other reason to enter a name this way other than to mislead and impersonate.

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  1. I don't even use Twitter, so this isn't really my business, but I'd advise you to simply ignore lunatics instead of fuelling their lunacy.

  2. When you recently polled people on how to proceed with Sacerdotus I thought it was best to simple ignore the fool, but after reading your latest blog its clear you should stick to your policy of exposing this psychotic loon.
    Good luck but watch your back.

    1. Actually, I think he's done now. He's an even bigger laughing stock than before.

      He'll disappear soon, to reappear with a new account and a new blog but the same old psychotic loonery. That's something he's incapable of changing because he has nothing else.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Abusive and threatening comment removed. Please use your own blog for posting psychotic abuse in Manuel, if you are unable to control your behaviour.

      This is a civilised blog for decent people to debate in.

  4. I love that he commented on this! Thereby confirming his lunacy... hilarious!

  5. Couldn't you report shelter boy for spamming Saccy's account? :-D

  6. @SacerdotusLives ???? just popped up into my time line. :-)

    1. Shame he's not allowed out of his room. He has nothing else to do obviously. I wonder how long Twitter will tolerate this account for.

  7. The @catholicgadfly account appears to have undergone an account name change to @catholic_gadfly. A twitter search shows the timeline intact (as is the block list). A new @Catholicgadfly account appears to have been created with tweets set to protected. I guess he hopes it'll confuse people?

    1. He's getting ready for his @Catholic_Gadfly account to be suspended permanently. The idiot doesn't realise his old Tweets can still be seen with the same links as previously.


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